Elliott Jordan Studio Gallery
   Elliott Jordan

6113 Ridge Ave.
Cincinnati, Ohio 45213
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Original African Art Studio & Gallery

Oil Painting Of Joe BakerWe offer a wide variety of fine art original paintings and Elliott Jordan graphic prints, African Artifacts and commissioned portraits.

In the African Art Gallery you will see some of my favorite original paintings and prints. Also displayed are acrylic paintings brought back from the Dominican Republic. They have unique style and quality. These Dominican paintings feature luxurious texture and brilliant color. Also you will find my original paintings like "Josephine Baker". My newest print "Libation" is from a charcoal rendering depicting an ancestorial libation ceremony I had the honor or witnessing in Ghana. My other prints like "In The Garden", also from charcoal drawings, where inspired by my family photos and history.

Charcoal Painting of Singing the BluesDuring my travels I have met some spectacular people who have made it possible to offer you some great finds in African Artifacts and sculptures. Can't find what you're looking for? Send me an email and I will try to find it.

I specialize in portraits and I would enjoy doing a portrait for you in oils, pastels or charcoal. Just send me a picture. Be sure to check the portrait page for pricing. Also check out our auctions for special items. and view our You Tube Video page for the latest videos.